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Should I file for personal bankruptcy?

  • Is your property in the process of being foreclosed upon?
  • Are you in fear that your vehicle might be repossessed?
  • Are your creditors harassing you?
  • Do you owe substantial sums to doctors and hospitals?
  • Are you in the process of being sued?
  • Are there any judgments recorded against you?
  • Are you having problems dealing with the IRS and back taxes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Law Offices is a debt-relief agency with 25 years of experience. We are attorneys that help people file for bankruptcy.

All of us have had moments where life has thrown us a curve, and we have had to face the challenges of recovery. Many of us have faced the challenge of a job loss, divorce or a serious illness. More often than not, these challenges keep us from paying our debts.

Regardless of fault, these challenges are a part of life and must be met head-on. Oftentimes, bankruptcy is the best solution for dealing with such issues.

For most people, filing bankruptcy is viewed as a last resort. Ironically, it is often the ideal solution to many of these challenges. It is the only solution that truly affords you a second chance.

Filing bankruptcy will often relieve the stress of past due obligations and provide you the opportunity to rebuild your life, your finances and strengthen your family.

We offer a free initial phone and office consultation. If you decide to file with our help, payment arrangements are available.

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